Pentagrowth model in IDacción

Interview to Javier Creus in which he presents @pentagrowth to IDacción, a network of professionals, entrepreneurs and companies that connect to generate new business opportunities.The video was published in IDacción business news together with the following interview:

Talking to the founder of Ideas for Change is like taking a bath of optimism. And in this interview, even more, because he presents us a formula to generate growth within companies that he officially presented in OuiShare Fest 2014. In this interview we want to know more about the process that has lead him to define the keys of growth. Javi Creus studied 50 companies that had a growth rate higher than 50% in number of users and revenue between 2008 and 2012.

The output is the report Pentagrowth, the five levers of exponential growth.The results of this study are derived from studying companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, Spotify or Twitter. He explains us all the insights about the study in the interview; Pentagrowth  analyzes the key points of innovation and sustainability according to these 5 levers:

  • Connect, the capacity to connect. Against what it may seem at first sight, it doesn’t depend so much in the environment where the company is operating but in the capacities to adapt its processes to the place where it is located and the willingness to rethink the processes of the organisation. An organization must adapt to the medium where it is operating.  
  • Collect, the way to manage the stock. There are many different ways to manage the stock, from the old and centralized warehouse to the management of delocalized assets and services. Between these two alternatives, there are many other possibilities. From writing an encyclopedia  from a specific space, to the unlimited capacity of Wikipedia to gather spread knowledge. Everything indicates that the distributed inventory takes better advantage of the existing assets and reduces the problems generated from having a single irradiating core.
  • Empower, the empowerment of users who can manage what they consume; this is a progress we shouldn’t ignore. New consumers know what they want and how to get it, this is why it is fundamental to offer them the tools to help them to collaborate with the organization.
  • Enable, the relationship with the partners.The competition with the other organizations of the market is very high, and really needed, thus if we don’t offer to our partners the tools to develop the product that they know better, the partnership won’t be efficient, what will highly increase the  risk of losing the control of our market.
  • Share, the methods to share the knowledge generated by the organization have changed. Although there are still many companies that that restrict the acquired knowledge in the traditional way, in the opposite side we find different organizations that are opening their knowledge to find new synergies that multiply this knowledge.

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