What is Pentagrowth?

The methodology to design disruptive business models. Through the process, the organisation experiences the cultural transformation necessary to innovate and tests the prototypes of co-created business models in the real world.

Step 1: Envision a #FutureThatRocks*

What is your innovative future? What will your organisation look like in the coming years?

Anticipate the technological evolution and changes in society. 


Step 2: Unleash internal potential 

Which assets and capabilities do you have today that will be relevant for your organisation’s future?

Disassemble the components of your current business. Uncover internal hidden potential.

Step 3: Foresee external leverage

What will be connected, which assets will be accessible, which business opportunities will arise? 

Explore what will be available in the ecosystem. Identify the levers that will boost your growth.

Step 4: Combine in order to innovate

What new value can be created by combining internal assets and capabilities with external assets?

Design disruptive business models that create added value. Define your organisation’s future. 

Clients who have trusted us


Generate new businesses and capabilities when there is a regulatory change

Five of the Colombian Chambers of Commerce design and validate four new business models. The process involves 35 people who now constitute the radical innovation unit.


Reinvent an advertising agency before digital competitors and consultants

The advertising business formerly known as Dommo is reborn into PS21, a creative agency with a new brand, new value proposition and range of services for new businesses.


Grow along with the energy and IoT transition from the area of air conditioning

Baxi Solutions: internal unit that integrates new services to participate in the energy design of new buildings. A unique position to grow with the energy transition in Spain.


Create value for new clients from underused internal assets and services

Accor launches AccorLocal: an initiative which invites the hotel’s neighbours to use their services. A philosophy which increases the profitability and resilience of operations.

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What can we do together?

Design new businesses

Define a #FutureThatRocks.

Anticipate scenarios.

Reassess internal potential and explore the system’s opportunities.

Discover areas of opportunity.

Prototype and develop

Design new anticipatory business models.

Prototype and validate initiatives.

Transform the organisational culture and develop high performance teams in order to innovate.

Live inspirational sessions

Awaken ambition and the need for disruptive innovation.

Understand the key ingredients to exponential growth.

Transmit the importance of innovating by thinking from tomorrow.

Do It Yourself Resources

Go to our online academy and discover the Pentagrowth methodology step by step.

Get inspired by our conference videos.

Use the canvases to develop your project.

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