Observatory of Emergent Capabilities Report

The global emergency of COVID-19 has revealed latent uses of technologies, forms of organisation and citizen capacities. The result is thousands of initiatives that recombine what is now available to create social, scientific or economic value. The field of what isĀ  possible has been expanded. The objective of this report is to promote a reflection on how to integrate these new capacities in the strategies for exiting this crisis in the short term (100 days) and in the reform of business models in the medium term (1,000 days). For this, we have collected and analysed more than 150 initiatives launched in this period.

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Explore Canvas

What will be connected, which assets will be accessible, what capabilities will be released, which business ecosystems and communities emerge? What do I leverage in order to grow?


Unbundle Canvas

Data, assets, people, uniqueness, knowledge that the organisation already possesses has a capacity to contribute in the new context. How do I rely on what I already have? Discover the golden nuggets you have in your pocket.


The Pentagrowth toolkit

Throughout our experience deepening and applying the Pentagrowth model, we have developed a process that allows companies to accompany them to adopt the proposed vision and can co-design solutions with the potential to innovate, grow and solve business challenges. The online Pentagrowth Academy and the toolkit present the working tools that allow to facilitate a complete consulting process by using the Pentagrowth method.

Currently in Spanish. Soon available in English.


The Pentagrowth model in 3 min

Pentagrowth, or the 5 levers of growth, is a model developed after studying 50 organisations which had an exponential growth of 50%, represented both in income and in the number of users, and reached a relevant scale within the sector in which they operate.


The 5 levers of Pentagrowth in 45 min

1 / They are designed for the next network and grow with their deployment.
2 / They group free distributed assets and lower their inventory cost.
3 / Integrate new user capabilities and reduce their service cost.
4 / They are a platform for other businesses and grow driven by them.
5 / Share their knowledge and develop supportive communities.


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